Have you ever noticed…..

Have you ever noticed that only a couple of weeks after the summer solstice, the temperature drops? Like a lot? It does in Seattle. The late afternoons are still nice and toasty, but the mornings… they take everything out of you. The weekends are terrible. You get out of bed and you’re so cold because, duh, you left the windows open last night because of the heat. In the mornings, the marine layer of cold and fog and moisture seeps into the pours of your house and you feel like there is a light dew on your skin. While the air smells wonderful, it’s too damn cold. Even now, at 2 in the afternoon, I’m still cold.

The indecision of the weather also disrupts your clothing choices. On the one hand, you pretty much need a jacket to leave the house. But who want’s to carry a jacket home? By the time you leave your office your sweating bullets on the bus. Having one more thing to carry around sucks in the heat. Of course, if you work in a messed up building like mine, you’re cold all day because there is not heat in the building.

Nothing is ever perfect. Ever. Can I just get a nice warm morning and a hot afternoon, a pleasant evening, and some damn coffee in bed? Oh… that’s the problem. I need more coffee.